“ The most spontaneous and unexpected project I've ever had. Thanks to Ann, this incredible girl with alluring world inside. Honestly, she teared up all my past patterns and opinion about my work. She has found me during quarantine on the Internet and accidentally both of us lived near to each other in Kiev. This is what i call "signs of fate". Despite on everything was frozen we had a deep connection so it was real felicity to meet each other. I offered her to make some photos with my makeup and was happy to find out that she's never had somth like this before. Actually it was new experience for both of us. In the beginning she was so shy ! However in the process i was an observer of her blossom.

After this shooting i suddenly realized who i am and what i want to do. I'm not temped to fashion and all this leads anymore, it wasn't me, it wasn't my real desires. Ann opened my eyes, occasionally. I wanna reveal hidden secrets, help people be themselves, I wanna see lights up in their eyes. I'm not interested in fashion, I'm interested in people. Thank u, Ann.”

A story by Anastasia Shel.


Photography + Beauty Anastasia Shel @shelestvetrovki

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