There is a deep question in my head about few days :
what is beauty for me ?

I was thinking about it a lot, because honestly for me, everything is beauty.
Certainly, the most I'm driven by desires and suffering like we all humans does. But there's one especially beauty in my opinion, children. They inspired me to be myself, to identify my integrity.
Children is a beauty for me, because they are totally living in the moment with their firstly feelings. I believe in their innocence and this is real wonder. During quarantine I've been living with my friends where we always have interaction with little Nadya.
So, I decided to ask what is the beauty of children for them :

Masha, 26 : "Nadya remind my childhood where I'm as a little girl, who still can be exсited for no reason. It's like find out myself at her age, awakening from the adult callousness where every sincere joy and every wow sounds cynical."

Dima 26 : "Children inspired me to transform childish impulses into mature realizations. Also kids accept adults be as they are and it's kind of total relaxation. My inner child is my inevitable part of me and when we are at odds with one another, I'm true to myself."

Kirill, 28 : "Kids playing in their theatre called "life" and they don't afraid of living.  I'm invited into this sublimation of emotions and feelings, where I'm pleased to learn something new from them. I can play any character, thereby tearing up patterns and still remain these significant developments."

A story by Anastasia Shell.


Photography + Make up Anastasia Shell

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